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The Story

In our kitchen, there are no limits.

The Story

Food is life. When it’s great, it’s everything.  We had this crazy idea that automation could have a lot to do with cooking up truly great food without compromise. Healthy AND fast. Personalized AND precise. Accessible AND craveable.

So being designers, we got to thinking and set out to create something that could serve every customer a meal that’s fresh, accurate, tailored to their diet or preferences and ready in minutes.  Something that could balance the core elements of cooking technique, measurement, and timing to bring the absolute best out of every ingredient.

What we created

An Entirely New Way to Cook

Our Infinite Kitchen can precisely cook imaginative recipes, making healthy, inspired eating accessible. It consists of a scorching hot carbon steel plancha searing proteins until they’re caramelized and craveable, a superheated steamer bringing pastas and grains to al dente perfection in just a few seconds, and dressings, sauces and garnishes are measured for consistent flavor and crunch. Our dynamic menu can adjust in real time to meet our guests’ preferences, including eight major allergens and eight major diets. We can truly cook-to-order. Every single time.

How we’re shaping the future of food

Jobs that raise the standard.

Our Infinite Kitchen allows for employees to do fewer monotonous tasks, and instead focus on more engaging, fulfilling roles in our restaurants—creating a better employee and customer experience.

  • Better benefits and wages
  • Guaranteed hours
  • Growth and management opportunities

A menu that prioritizes the planet.

We care about the health of people and the planet for the long run. On Day 1, we decided not to serve red meat for its environmental impact, and we still push ourselves to learn and do more for our planet’s health every day.

  • Local, seasonal vegetables
  • No red meat on the menu
  • Equitable & traceable sourcing
  • Compostable and recyclable packaging
  • Simple, clean ingredients

People always come first.

Each of our innovations is in service of a better experience for our people—customers and employees, alike. We believe technology is most exciting when it puts people first.

  • Lightning-fast service
  • Seamless personalization
  • Cooked to your order

Since launching Spyce in 2018, we've been dedicated to improving our guest experience and the impact of our kitchens on our community. In service of that, we’ve reinvented the way we cook and how customers can truly personalize their meals. This is a new, improved experience that’s built around bringing healthy, personalized meals to our community.

The Spyce Team

From left to right: Brady Knight, Michael Farid (co-founder CEO), Kale Rogers (Co-Founder COO), Luke Schlueter

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