FAB (Food. Art. Build)

The Story

Food. Art. Building.

F.A.B. is a way for Spyce to give back to the community in a way that goes beyond the typical operations of a restaurant. The focus of F.A.B. is to inspire more people to pursue STEM careers. We do this by teaching Food, Art, and Building. 

From F.A.B. to STEM

The future of work is tending towards jobs that require a deeper understanding of knowledge in the STEM fields. We have seen firsthand that people working in STEM fields do not accurately reflect the demographics of those in the overall workforce. An analysis of US census data by the Pew Research Center states that women are underrepresented in most STEM careers, are especially absent from engineering and computer science careers, and Black and Latinx employees are underrepresented in all STEM fields.


The collaboration between engineers and chefs helped us create our Infinite Kitchen. We've learned that bringing children and young adults into our restaurant to see the future of the food industry can leave a memorable impression.

We love food, it is core to our company's DNA. That being said, we have intentionally chosen for food to not be the star of many of these lessons. There are many other existing initiatives within this space and we feel it is important to build our own path where we can have the greatest impact on children. We have chosen to focus on STEAM education.


There is a misconception in education - children feel they can go down an artistic path or a science and math-focused path. Most don’t realize that engineering can have a great mix of science, math, and art. We try to make sure that all of our classes have an artistic element to broaden their appeal to children of all backgrounds. We want these lessons to be inclusive, so no one thinks they don’t belong in a STEM field.


You never know what moment will inspire a child to change their life trajectory. In an effort to bring more people into STEM careers, we want to try to create those moments for as many children as we can, especially for those who aren’t getting these moments in other parts of their lives.

F.A.B. is heavily rooted in Building, with all of our early lessons focusing on teaching children about engineering and robotics. Classes are led by an instructor and volunteers from Spyce, and students come from places like public schools, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Boston, or after-school programs.

We hope that by focusing on education, we can make a big impact on the students. These impacts aren’t always the most obvious, or have the quickest payback periods, but they are a great investment for the future, and will help create a better tomorrow.

The Spyce Team
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