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The Food
What’s on the menu?

Here at Spyce, we have a variety of personalized salads and veggie-forward warm bowls to satisfy your cravings. Right now, our featured dish is The Sierra, a smoky + spicy salad with our house silk chili pepitas garnished on top. Check out our menu here!

How is Spyce’s menu personalized to my dietary needs? What if I have an allergy?

Our menu is dynamic, therefore our menu changes to meet your personal needs and dietary requirements. We do the work for you. After you respond to an initial prompt, our entire menu adjusts in real-time to meet your preferences, including 8 major allergens and 8 major diets.

The diets we accommodate are Keto, Low Carb, Low-FODMAP, Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Whole30®. We also accommodate for the following allergies: Sesame, Soy, Gluten, Dairy, Shellfish, Egg, Fish, Peanuts, and Tree Nuts. You can then customize any aspect of your bowl, down to the amount of sauce or dressing, and the level of spiciness.

See it for yourself here.

How does Spyce come up with new menu items? 

We want to keep our guests excited and inspired by thrilling new flavors and dynamic recipes. We know we have guests from all walks of life, so we strive to listen to their needs and dietary requests to best complete our menu.

Additionally, our chefs do their best to source the finest spices and ingredients both locally and abroad, using them to create surprising combinations. Once we’ve found something we love, our Infinite Kitchen perfects every element of the recipe to get those meals into our guests’ hands.

What’s Spyce’s sourcing philosophy?

We source from near and far—from New England to southern India, and into the coast of Zanzibar. We’re building relationships with small local farms near each of our restaurants, so we can source locally whenever possible. When we source from greater distances, we ensure sustainability and quality at every step.

Why is there no beef on the menu?

While we are all about flavor, we know our choices have an impact on the world around us. Since beef production isn’t sustainable, we’ve decided to base our menu around delicious, and more environmentally-friendly choices. You’ll find a lot of vegetables and plant-based proteins alongside chicken.

Where can I find nutritional and allergen information?

You can download our Nutritional Binder here.

How is Daniel Boulud involved?

Daniel is our Culinary Advisor. His decades of experience helped shape our menu. He provides inspiration and guidance to our chefs and loves taste testing every meal.

The Technology
So, what is this thing?

Great question! What you see inside a Spyce restaurant is what we call our Infinite Kitchen.

How does the Infinite Kitchen cook food?

The Infinite Kitchen sears proteins until they’re caramelized and craveable, steams grains to al dente perfection, and measures dressings, sauces, and toppings for consistent flavor and crunch. See inside our kitchen here.

Is it sanitary?

Yes, that’s a huge benefit of our Infinite Kitchen! It’s certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), and cleans and sanitizes the plancha after every meal. It’s programmed to monitor cooking, refrigeration and water temperatures, and all components in the refrigerator that touch food are removed and cleaned by our crew regularly. Additionally, all of our ingredients are kept cold under refrigeration and cooked to order, eliminating the need to hot-hold ingredients.

How do you account for cross contamination?

While we do not have a separate prep kitchen to handle allergens, we take extra precautions in labeling, storage and sanitization of surfaces whenever an allergen is present.  Our Infinite Kitchen, which prepares and plates your meal, is specifically designed to keep every ingredient separate during meal service, ensuring that cross-contact does not happen when preparing your cooked-to-order meal. When ordering on our kiosk or app, you can identify your allergies, ensuring the menu shown is safe for you.

Where does the prep happen?

We prep all of our ingredients in-house so they are fresh and immediately ready to roll for the Infinite Kitchen.

What does this mean for employees?

We believe that automation, when implemented in a thoughtful way, is more likely to complement current workers than replace them. Our new cooking techniques help us reduce some costs which, in part, we reinvest in our employees paying them roughly 15% over market rate, guaranteeing consistent hours and benefits. Additionally, we’ve increased our total number of employees in our full scratch kitchen.

The Restaurant
What are your hours of operation?

Harvard Square: Monday-Sunday 11am-8pm
Delivery ends at 8pm

Downtown Crossing: CLOSED

Holiday Hours
Thanksgiving closed
Christmas Eve 11am-8pm
Christmas Day closed
News Year’s Eve 11am-4pm
News Year’s Day 12pm-5pm
Easter Sunday 11am-6pm
July 4th 11am-8pm

Do you deliver?

We do! If you order a warm bowl for delivery, your bowl will packaged with sauce on the side, for maximum freshness. Find out if your zip code is within our delivery radius here.

What are you doing to address COVID-19?

We take COVID-19 very seriously and we have implemented various procedures to do our very best to keep both our team and our customers safe. We have daily wellness checks for every employee when they arrive, which include temperature checks. Everyone, both employees and customers, are required to wear a mask at all times that covers both the nose and mouth fully. Our staff wash their hands frequently and sanitize high contact surfaces every hour.

Why are you called Spyce?

After we built a prototype of our robotic kitchen in a tiny room in our fraternity basement, one of our co-founders, Brady, came up with Spyce, a name that perfectly captured our love of both spice and flavor. So of course, it stuck.

How do I contact restaurant customer service?

Reach out to us at and someone will be in contact with you soon!

Are you accepting franchise opportunities?

We’re not currently considering franchise opportunities, but we will update our website and contact our mailing list should that ever change. Signup for our mailing list here so you get the news first!

Where can I send feedback?

We love feedback! Help us make your Spyce experience even better by sending all of your thoughts to

I have a media request, who do I contact?

Fantastic! Send an email to

Anything we didn’t cover?

Email us at

How do I place an order for pickup?

Download our app here to have our menu tailored to you, always at your fingertips! You can also place an order on our website here.

Anything we didn't cover?

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