You probably have some questions for us.

The Food

What’s Spyce’s sourcing philosophy?

We source ingredients where it makes the most sense, always pushing the boundaries with flavor. We call this “appropriately sourced“. For our Thai dish for example, our  sweet potatoes and kale are locally grown right here in New England. However,  Vermont’s best Massaman Curry Paste doesn’t quite match up to Thailand’s. We source organic where it makes sense, always with a thought towards sustainability and protecting our planet.

Why is there no beef on the menu?

This is no missed-steak, we get plenty of flavor out of our vegetables and chicken. Jokes (even Dad ones) aside, the main reason is because beef production isn’t sustainable. While we are all about flavor, we understand that our choices have an impact on the world around us.

I’m vegan, what can I eat?

Lots. You can find our plant based menu here.

How is Daniel Boulud involved?

Daniel is our Culinary Director. He provides menu direction and we use his excellent palate by having him taste test every meal (the guy can eat!). Beyond the menu, Daniel helps train our staff and is always pushing to enhance customer experience.

What’s the reason for the garde manger (aka garnish employee)?

The garde manger puts the final touch on your meal. In a traditional French restaurant, they control the pace of the kitchen, and ensure your meal gets to you looking it’s best. At Spyce, it’s no different.

What’s freekeh?

Delicious. Next…! It’s an ancient whole grain with more protein and fiber per serving than quinoa. Try it! Help us get this ingredient get the attention it deserves.

How does Spyce come up with new menu items?

It all starts with our team of culinary masterminds who come up with a menu item and hone in on a precise flavor profile. Once they’ve reached something they like, the robotic kitchen takes over, and we continue to fine-tune the recipe to make sure that first bite really lands. We add a little love, and voila!

How does Spyce handle allergens?

Since we prepare everything for our restaurant in an open commissary kitchen, we cannot guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of a certain ingredient. That being said, we take allergies very seriously. We have a dedicated gluten-free wok to prevent cross-contact of gluten within the robotic kitchen, and many other common allergenic items (milk, eggs, and tree nuts), are only ever stocked in the garnish bar. We recommend asking your in-house garde manger if you have any questions. We’ve broken down our allergen information into greater detail for your convenience (click to expand).


• The white sauce in our Chicken and Rice bowl contains mayo but this can be easily substituted
• We offer yogurt as an optional garnish. It typically comes in our Indian bowls, but can be easily substituted.
• We offer feta cheese as an optional garnish. It typically comes in our Lebanese bowl but can be easily substituted.
• We offer ricotta as an optional garnish. It typically comes in our Roma bowl but can be easily substituted.


• We offer soft-boiled eggs as an optional garnish
• We offer cabbage slaw as an optional garnish. It typically comes in our Latin bowl but can be easily substituted


• We offer smoked salmon as an optional garnish
• We prepare the Massaman Curry Sauce in our Thai bowl with fish sauce. This cannot be removed from the dish.
• The Tom Yum dressing on our Thai bowls contains fish. This can be substituted for another dressing.

  • We do not have shellfish on our menu
Tree Nuts

• We offer almonds as an optional garnish
• The Thai Curry sauce in our Thai bowl contains coconut milk. This cannot be removed from the dish.
• The Indian sauce in our Indian bowl contains coconut milk. This cannot be removed from the dish.
• We offer fried garlic + shallots as an optional garnish which contains coconut flakes
• We offer candied walnuts as an optional garnish for our Thanksgiving bowl
• There are tree nuts (sesame) in the Kasundi dressing which typically comes in our Indian salad bowl
• There are tree nuts in the Romesco dressing which typically comes in our Lebanese salad bowl

• There are tree nuts in the Wafu dressing which typically comes in our Korean salad bowl

  • We do not have peanuts on the menu

• Cavatappi pasta, which is in our Roma bowl, contains wheat. This cannot be substituted.
• We offer bread crumbs as an optional garnish. It typically comes in our Roma bowl but can be easily substituted.
• Freekeh, which is a customizable grain option, but can be easily substituted for brown rice
• There is gluten present in the Wafu dressing which typically comes in our Korean salad bowl
• We have a dedicated gluten free wok to prevent cross-contact with gluten
*If you order through the gluten-free menu, your meal will be cooked on a dedicated gluten-free wok. All other meals will be cooked on any of the other woks and sprayed with high pressure jets to be cleaned in between meals to remove all particulate and sanitize.


• The Massaman Curry paste used in our Thai bowl contains soybean oil
• There is soy present in the Wafu dressing which typically comes in our Korean salad bowl


The Technology

How does the robotic kitchen cook food?

It has seven cooking woks, all heated using induction, a technology invented by Nicola Tesla. It is efficient and accurate and uses less energy than other heating methods. The induction heating element is located adjacent to each cooking wok. It’s not below and it’s not touching the wok — we’ll save that science lesson for your next wikipedia binge.

Is it sanitary?

That’s one of the best parts. The robotic kitchen is certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), and cleans and sanitizes the cooking woks after every meal. It’s programmed to monitor cooking, refrigeration and water temperatures, and all components in the refrigerator that touch food are removed and cleaned by our crew regularly.

How does the robotic kitchen get the food?

Magic mostly. But when that doesn’t work, there is a door on the top of the refrigerator and we pour the ingredients into the food hoppers from above.

Where does the prep happen?

We operate a commissary kitchen to get our ingredients prepped and ready to roll for the robotic kitchen.

What’s the use of the thing that moves my bowl in and out?

It allows us to plate your meal and move your bowl out of the way, so we can wash the wok. This means we can start the next meal with a clean wok as quickly as possible. Of course, it also looks super cool 🙂

How long does it take to cook my meal?

All meals are cooked to order in three minutes or less.

Does the robotic kitchen use natural gas?

Nope. The only inputs are electricity and water. We’re all set for a 100% renewable energy country, that’s coming up soon, right?

Can I get a robotic kitchen for my home?

No…well…not yet 🙂

In General

Do you take reservations?

We do not currently accept reservations being that we’re a fast casual restaurant. If you’re looking to come to Spyce with a larger group, we recommend coming during our off-peak hours (anytime other than 12-2pm Monday – Friday). Thank you!

Are you accepting franchise opportunities?

We’re not currently considering franchise opportunities at this time. We will definitely update our website and email our mailing list should that ever change. You can signup for our mailing list here. Thanks!

I have a media request, who do I contact?

Fantastic – send an email to

Can I place an order for pick up ahead of time?

Well…not right now. Check back soon and we will have mobile ordering.

Why are you called Spyce?

After we built a prototype of our robotic kitchen in a tiny room in our fraternity basement – more on that here – we couldn’t figure out what to call ourselves. One of our cofounders, Brady, came up with Spyce as a placeholder, so we could enter a competition for funding. It stuck.

Where can I send feedback?

We love feedback! Help us make your Spyce experience even better by sending all of your thoughts to

Our Mission

What’s Spyce’s mission?

We are all about getting to that first bite. We want you to chase the flavors. The careful selection of ingredients, the promise of consistency, innovative technology, the extraordinary talent of our team – it all comes down to one thing. The first bite is our one chance to make a lasting impression, and we’re taking it.

Why did you start Spyce?

We started Spyce because we couldn’t access healthy and delicious food, and we weren’t alone. Whether you’re a broke college student, single mom looking for a quick option for kids or someone working three jobs to make ends meet, many people are priced out of quality. So, we came up with a solution: a robotic kitchen.

So, you’re cutting jobs?

Well it’s a new model so we are not “cutting” jobs, but our restaurant does have fewer employees than your typical quick service restaurant. The employees that we do have, we pay well. The aim of this venture was to make tasty nutritious food affordable, and we do that by being as efficient as possible.

Anything we didn’t cover?

*A real live human will answer, we promise.
We have the machine stick to what it's good at (cooking).