Introducing Spyce's New Bar at Harvard Square

Hello Bartender

There Will Be No Robotic Arms Making Cocktails at Spyce, Just Our Friendly & Attentive Team!

We’re excited to introduce everyone to our new beverage program. The dining room is open and the patio is lit – come join us and raise a glass with your friends.

I’ll get us started by talking about the menu and hand it off to Kale to share his vision for the space and vibe.

Cocktails With Personality

Our cocktails are the hero of our beverage menu!  Made to be refreshing, fun and food-friendly; they are riffs on classic combinations and just like our food, spices play a role in driving flavor.  Turmeric jazzes up a black-tea-rum cocktail and a spicy simple syrup with coriander lights a fire under a tart, mango-forward vodka cooler. There’s a great take on a Paloma with lime and rosemary, and a bright gin cocktail with cucumber and lemon. We’re also excited to feature some locally distilled spirits, including Bully Boy Vodka and Rum and Bimini Gin from Maine. Who could go wrong with names like The Gin Membership, Pal-o-ma-god, Berried Away, and Let that Mango!

To round out our list, we have a curated selection of beer and wine.

Our Selection of Wine and Beer

Choosing only 3 wines for a menu is no small task. Wine preferences are so varied and there are tons of varietals and styles. Our lineup features some really well-made wines from around the world at an incredible value. The list includes a Sauvignon Blanc from NZ that is classically crisp and refreshing, a Garnacha from Spain that’s medium-bodied and full of ripe red fruit, and a unique Rose from California that’s dry and balanced.  Nothing says summer like The Berry Goatmother salad and a glass of Sauvi B.

Similar to wine, it’s hard to satisfy everyone’s beer preferences with just 3 offerings.  I can assure you that our selection will rotate. First up we have 3 great beers representing different styles all made here in New England. A light and refreshing lager by Night Shift, a Pale Ale from Whaler’s that has become my go-to summer drink, and the hometown favorite Santilli by Night Shift brewing. 

It’s important to have a solid list of delicious bevvies to draw a crowd, but what really makes a place become your go-to hang out is the space itself.  Our very own Kale Rogers brought the space to life and will share his vision and approach. Cheers to you Kale…

Indoor Dining With a Spyce Flair

¡Salud, Jeff! You know, with COVID slowing, I’ve been looking for a new Gin Membership! Puns aside, I’m a lover of ambiance. I crave those places that are casual yet considered, where each element has purpose but it’s not stuffy and you don’t feel weird bringing your whole self there. These are the places I feel most alive and this is the balance we’ve hoped to find at Spyce Harvard Square. 

Part of hitting this casual-considered balance comes from finding a space that can be flexible. Through the morning and lunch, natural light cascades in through our southwest facing windows. Pair that with an open air patio and you’ve got a breeding ground for lunch meetings and weekend rejuvenation. But…. As the sun goes down… Our lights inside grow warm, our vegan leather banquette gets a little more cozy and the cocktail bar comes alive as R&B thumps the background. Sounds like the perfect time for some plancha seared salmon and a glass of wine. 

This day to night transition allows us to create a restaurant that has multiple use cases for our guests. And we hope our place becomes a space that brings people together. Where everyone brings their whole selves and we create a beautiful mixture of laughter, conversation and awkward pauses on Hinge dates (summer’s coming… Let that Mango)!

So come visit! Have a cocktail. Help us make this restaurant yours. Our team will be here to take care of you 🙂 


Chef Jeff Tenner

Father, husband, chef. I love cooking, eating, laughing and surfing…not necessarily in that order. I started working in kitchens in 1988…that’s not a typo…I guess I found my niche. At Spyce, I head up all things food and run restaurant operations with a great group of people. I spend most of my energy trying to make hard things easier and bringing people together. I believe food tastes best when shared with friends and if I could only have one ingredient for the rest of my life, it would definitely be eggs. My favorite bowl on our menu is The Oasis, I add a little hot sauce to mine.

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