Spyce Harvard: A Cambridge Homecoming

Spyce Harvard: A Cambridge Homecoming

Hello Cambridge! How good it feels to be back in our roots serving this eccentric community of artists, innovators, and general Honkfest goers.

Spyce got its start in Cambridge restaurants. Specifically, our team formed over ice cream at Toscanini’s (B3 really gets the ideas flowing) while we were at MIT. We dreamt of our own special spin — developing new cooking techniques in service of fresh, cooked-to-order, personalized meals. Fast forward a few years and what a dream-come-true it is to be serving a community that has provided us so much. 

New Year, New Location, New Additions

Our cooking processes might be a little different, but our goals for this flagship restaurant are the same as most of our favorite Cambridge spots — to be a place rooted in the community where we can gather (post-covid), relax, eat great food and maybe learn a little about a unique ingredient or spice. 

To accomplish that, we’ve woven in a few things to this new location that are different than our Downtown Crossing location. 

Large Space – Designed for the Community

First, our Cambridge flagship is substantially bigger than our Downtown restaurant. Post-Covid, this will allow for more indoor dining, unique programming, and late-night fun. The interior was designed to feel homey and warm and we searched the world (literally — our terra cotta tile is handmade in Italy) for materials and textures that are sustainably made and make you feel as nice as they look. We worked with local artist Maria Molteni, famous for her large outdoor murals across the US, to add a colorful pop. Oh, and did I mention we have a patio! Come spring and summer you’ll find me out there enjoying a beverage. 

Wine Bar!

We decided to extend our menu philosophy of leveraging the world’s best spices to curate a selection of wines and beers that’ll really make your taste buds tingle. We are going to hold-off this launch until the pandemic has slowed a bit — but fear not. Soon you will be able to get your full golden hour on our patio — sipping Sauv Blanc, eating a Golden Greek, and leaning into those sunset-in-Santorini vibes. 

As has been the main mantra of this letter so far, we are just so excited and grateful to be back home. The next few months will undoubtedly be a trying time for our community and the restaurant industry as we battle covid. But we will be here to serve you!

And so will the network of other great restaurants in and around Cambridge. So whether it’s a Presto from Spyce, a Lumache from Pammy’s, a chicken sandwich from Grendel’s Den or a burrito from El Jefe’s — there is a network of local spots that are here to bring great food and drink. 

We are so excited to be part of this restaurant community. 

Neighborly yours,
Harvard Square Resident

Kale Rogers

I’m a co-founder, a taste-tester, #1 fanboy and I work with Ops, Marketing, People & Culture, Finance, and Real Estate. I grew up in a small town in Oregon and found a passion for cooking while making great breakfasts and dinners alongside my mom. I came out to Boston for college and was able to start Spyce with 3 of my best friends.

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