Keto Diet: The Benefits and Challenges

My Experience with the Keto Diet

Yes, I am a member of the anti-carb crusade, the bread bypassers, the pasta-free posse. I am a follower of the ways of The Keto.

Hello! My name is Roy and I’m on the Software team here at Spyce, making apps and eating app(etizers). In addition to computer bytes, I like to take bites out of food. That food typically consists of some sort of protein, healthy fats, and some sort of veggie(s). That food typically does not consist of any foods with any significant amount of carbohydrates. As you’ve probably guessed, that is because I am a member of the anti-carb crusade, the bread bypassers, the pasta-free posse. I am a follower of the ways of The Keto.

What is a Keto Diet?

For anyone unfamiliar with the keto, or ketogenic, diet, the basic principles are simple. Eat high amounts of fats, moderate protein, and very low carbs. Severely restricting intake of carbohydrates will eventually cause your body to switch “fuel sources” from carbs to fat. As it turns out, bodies don’t like switching fuel sources. A lot of people experience pretty brutal symptoms during this transition period – known as the keto flu. I don’t know much about cars but I like to think of it as trying to convert your gasoline engine to a diesel engine while it’s still zooming down the highway.

3 Reasons Why I Follow The Keto Diet

So why have I subjected the “car” of my body (sorry if you’re tired of this metaphor and it’s driving you crazy. No more car puns – promise) to such an unpleasant process? For me, there are a few reasons.

1. Being on a Keto Diet Gives Me More Energy

First, I feel more energetic when eating keto. Carbs make me feel sleepy. Keto is all about cutting out carbs. That makes me feel good. Before doing keto, I’d often indulge in a bready or rice-heavy meal and be useless for the rest of the day. When eating foods consisting primarily of fat and protein, that’s not the case. Now after eating, I’m partially useful!

2. Being Keto Allows Me To Be Healthier

Second, it helps me with weight loss. I have a history of moderate weight fluctuation, due in part to a really big appetite. Fatty foods tend to satiate me more than carby ones. Also the hunger I experience while in ketosis seems to be a softened “dull” hunger as opposed to the demanding and sharp pangs I used to associate with hunger. I also believe that I have an infinite amount of room in my stomach for tortilla chips. Tortilla chips are good. So, so good.

3. Being Keto Helps Me Exhibit Self Control

This brings me to my last point. Because of the aforementioned large appetite, combined with occasional lapses of willpower, it’s remarkably easy for me to eat a family-size bag of tortilla chips without noticing. Following a diet that effectively forbids me from indulging in foods like tortilla chips helps me to avoid binging situations altogether. If I do over-indulge, it causes another “fuel switch”, which feels bad. Would developing a sense of moderation be a better alternative than an extreme diet? Maybe!

Ket(n)o Or Ket-yes?

All this being said, I don’t ever try to convert people into the keto-kult. It’s not for everyone. Bread is good. Pasta is good. Ice cream is good. It’s hard. Eating out especially can be really hard (except with Spyce’s Keto menu 😉) Genetics and bodies are complicated. Some people might feel great about it, while some people might feel terrible. All I can say with confidence is, I feel better when I follow the keto diet than when I don’t.

At this point, I’ve been doing keto for about… 4 years (with occasional breaks) and I plan to continue well into the future (mostly because I don’t think I remember how to make pasta). Ah well, I’m just gonna keep on truckin’ (I lied about the puns. Sorry. Me oughta be more car-ful).

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Roy Baron

My name is Roy and I’m on the Software team here at Spyce, making apps and eating app(etizers). 

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