Meet the Castaway the New Spyce Cocktail

Meet the Castaway the New Spyce Cocktail

Created by our R&D Chef Justin Fischer, meet our newest cocktail, the Castaway, our version of a Painkiller.

Spyce Cocktail Bar has a brand new cocktail just in time for the hottest days of summer. And if you were at Spyce last Thursday night, then you know our secret – the new cocktail is our version of a Painkiller. Meet the Castaway cocktail, made with Bully Boy Blended Rum, pineapple and coconut. It is topped with toasted coconut, and a dusting of nutmeg next to a slice of candied pineapple. Or you could call it a slice of paradise, either way.

Created by our R&D Chef Justin Fischer, his inspiration came from wanting to bring a true summer cocktail to Spyce. One that felt like digging your feet in the sand and listening to the ocean. After spending time in the Caribbean for his honeymoon, Justin quickly noticed that everywhere he went, he was offered a painkiller or rum punch. When in Grenada, the painkillers were served with nutmeg grown right there on the island. So for the Castaway, we tried to tie our sourcing back to the region of the Caribbean where it originated. 

Our nutmeg comes from Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean that has actually received the nickname “the Spice Isle” due to the vast number of nutmeg plantations across the island. Another spice from Burlap & Barrel, this nutmeg is called the “Grenada Gold,” from the farm of the Ramdhanny family. From Burlap & Barrel:

“Our nutmeg comes from a small family farm in the hills, run for generations by the Ramdhanny family. Nutmeg and its partner spice mace, are some of the world’s most highly prized spices for thousands of years. Wars have literally been fought over nutmeg, and the reason we speak English in New York City has a lot to do with the 1668 peace treaty between the British and the Dutch, which traded the nutmeg-and-mace-producing islands of the Moluccas for the island of Manhattan.

For most of history, nutmeg and mace only grew on a group of small islands in the south Pacific. That meant anyone living anywhere else (which was pretty much everyone) was only able to taste it years after harvesting, after it had traveled thousands of miles by dugout canoe and dhow, caravan and caravel.

These days, Grenadian nutmeg is pretty hard to get your hands on.  For the past 150 years, this 100,000-person island nation produced around a quarter of the whole world’s nutmeg supply – nutmeg is so closely intertwined with Grenadian history and culture that it is even represented on the national flag.

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada, destroying almost all the island’s nutmeg trees and completely collapsing the industry. Since then, many enterprising farmers have replanted their trees, but annual yields are still less than 10% of what they were before the hurricane.

The Ramdhanny family farm is one of the very few farms to still have a handful of old-growth trees that survived the hurricane, and they’ve also planted hundreds of new saplings in their agroforestry nutmeg and cacao farm.”

Read more about the Ramdhanny farm here.

The rum we use in the Castaway is from Bully Boy, a local distillery in Boston, MA. Their rum is actually a blended bottle cooperative, sourced from five different regions that create distinct types of rum. They’ve created two volumes of the Bully Boy Blended Rum. Volume One has rum from Panama, the Dominican, Boston, Trinidad, and Jamaica. Volume Two has rum from Martinique, Panama, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Colombia.

Read more about the Rum Cooperative here.

For the topping on the Castaway, we toast the coconut shreds left over from the creation of the coconut simple syrup we make for each batch of cocktails. In doing so, we can save the coconut that would generally get thrown away, and create a no-waste process for both the cocktail and topping creation. This toasted coconut is a garnish alongside the nutmeg, and a candied pineapple slice. Come on by and order one now, and immediately enter island time.

Haley Williams

Hi, I’m Haley and I work in marketing at Spyce.! I spend the majority of my workday gathering creative content, connecting with local businesses, conducting user research or running our Instagram. When I can be creative, I am most in my element. In my free time, I seek out beautiful views, joyful chats with friends, 3ft waves at Nahant, quesadillas, and cheap plane tickets.

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