Our Next Chapter

Our Next Chapter

We are working hard each day on our mission to scale healthy fast food and to bring a bit of the magic of Spyce to sweetgreen.

As you may recall, Spyce was recently acquired by sweetgreen! By joining sweetgreen, we’ll be able to scale healthy food more quickly across many communities. As we shift our focus towards implementing our technology in sweetgreen restaurants, we are closing our DTX location on October 22nd to focus all of our transitional efforts with sweetgreen to just our HSQ location.

Thank you to the DTX community !

To our Downtown Boston Team, we are so grateful for the last 3.5 years. Many of you have been with us since 2018. We have been blessed with your passion, ability to create delicious food and welcome new guests in. And we’ve been amazed by your flexibility. No matter what new feature, process, or cooking technology we rolled out, you welcomed it with open arms, learned quickly, and helped make our food and experience better. You are such a big part of what makes us magical! 

To our customers, we thank you for your support. We opened a restaurant in 2018 as a few fresh-faced college grads who had an out-there dream to make healthy food more accessible through automation. We were different! But you gave us a shot and for that, we owe you so much. 

Exciting things to come

Together, we’ve been through new menus, new cooking technologies, new restaurants, and now a new company. Though we are closing our doors in Downtown, we don’t view this as a goodbye — more of a see you down the road (say, in Harvard Square?). This is just the beginning of a long journey! We are working hard each day on our mission to scale healthy fast food and to bring a bit of the magic of Spyce to sweetgreen. 

There is a lot more excitement to come in the weeks and months ahead, but in the meantime, come visit us in Harvard Square! Our Boston team will either transition to our Harvard Square location or be offered an opportunity at a sweetgreen around Boston. So you’ll see us around! Delivery will also be available via the Spyce App or Uber Eats from the Harvard Square location commencing on 10/25.

If you are in Downtown after 10/22, and craving fresh ingredients, check out sweetgreen! The supply chain and flavors really are incredible!

Thanks for your love and support. Happy eating, 

The Spyce Boys 

(Luke, Brady, Kale and Michael)

The Spyce Boys

From left to right: Brady “Baby Spyce” Knight, Michael “Sporty Spyce” Farid (co-founder CEO), Kale “Ginger Spyce” Rogers (co-founder COO), Luke “Posh Spyce” Schlueter. With a mix of water polo, swimming, and diving talent, these four MIT graduates started their journey together at the pool. And as student-athletes, they worked up an appetite on a college budget. This sparked the vision to make healthy food both delicious and accessible – and thus Spyce was born. To this day, the four continue to work closely together to make their vision a reality.

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