Spyce x sweetgreen: A note from Kale, Luke, Michael and Brady

Spyce x sweetgreen: A note from Kale, Luke, Michael and Brady

Today is a really special moment for Spyce. We are so excited to let you all know that we are being acquired by sweetgreen to help scale healthy fast food!

Today is a really special moment for Spyce. We are so excited to let you all know that we are being acquired by sweetgreen to help scale healthy fast food! And we wanted to share a bit of our story from our perspective.

When we started working on Spyce in 2015 we had the idea that we could use automation to make healthy food more accessible. We knew that running a restaurant that brings in fresh produce and cooks from scratch was a lot harder than running a typical fast-food restaurant. And we realized that for healthy food to be as accessible and ubiquitous as McDonald’s, we had to entirely rethink the fast-food model. So we got to work prototyping, cooking and building in our MIT basement. Six and a half years later we’ve developed that new model with two amazing restaurants – but we’re only just beginning our journey to scale healthy fast food!

Why We Are Excited About sweetgreen

We first met Jon, Nic, and Nate (the sweetgreen founders) back in 2016 through the suggestion of our mutual friend and investor, Chef Daniel Boulud. Immediately we knew we had a lot in common. They started sweetgreen their senior year at Georgetown; they shared similar values on sustainability and teamwork; and they held the same mission to build healthier communities by connecting people to real food. Over the years we kept in touch as our companies developed — we admired their brand, local supply chain and ability to scale their restaurants in various geographic markets, and they admired our innovative approach. And as we thought through what was next for Spyce, we realized that by teaming up with sweetgreen, we could create a company that was greater than the sum of its parts.

We see this as an incredible opportunity to scale our mission and reach more communities! Our team will work closely with sweetgreen to scope, manufacture and ultimately implement these technologies in sweetgreen stores, giving them a little bit of the magic of Spyce. We are moving from a company that serves a few communities in the Boston area, to a company that has a national footprint. And we’re going from newcomers to being part of a leading brand that shares our same mission. 

Reflecting on the Past Six Years

Since day 1 in our MIT basement, we’ve carried that mission. It’s been a fulfilling journey through many prototypes, menus and the first version of our restaurant. Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate and create new ways to make healthy food more convenient, delicious and accessible.

We’re thankful to have such a thoughtful community around us, from customers who go out of their way to give us feedback and help us improve, to the chefs, mentors and investors who believed in our vision when we were just four bookish kids out of college.

To our amazing team: “Thankful” doesn’t begin to describe our gratitude for every one of you who helped build Spyce into what it is today. We are a team of chefs, operators, hosts, cooks, engineers, designers, marketers and HR professionals – a truly unique combination of people that came together to build something really special. We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished together and the collaborative culture we built in the process.

Ultimately, when we took a step back, and thought about where we started, and why, and reminded ourselves of our mission to enable more people to live fuller, healthier lives, we knew we would be most successful at achieving that mission, by joining sweetgreen. And we couldn’t be more excited!

A New Chapter in this Long Journey

While we are now a part of sweetgreen and our main focus will be developing technology for sweetgreen restaurants, our Spyce restaurants will stay open at this time. So feel free to come in, have a Big Biang or an Odyssey salad and celebrate with our team. 

We are embarking on a new chapter of this long journey! We are excited to help build the future of fast food — where supply chains are more local, vegetables are at the center of the plate and fast becomes synonymous with fresh. Thanks for always supporting us as we strive to enable more people to live fuller, healthier lives!

With Love,

The Spyce Boys 

(Luke, Brady, Kale and Michael)

The Spyce Boys

From left to right: Brady “Baby Spyce” Knight, Michael “Sporty Spyce” Farid (co-founder CEO), Kale “Ginger Spyce” Rogers (co-founder COO), Luke “Posh Spyce” Schlueter. With a mix of water polo, swimming, and diving talent, these four MIT graduates started their journey together at the pool. And as student-athletes, they worked up an appetite on a college budget. This sparked the vision to make healthy food both delicious and accessible – and thus Spyce was born. To this day, the four continue to work closely together to make their vision a reality.

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