The 6 Principles of Our Food Philosophy

The 6 Principles of Our Food Philosophy

Over the coming months, I’ll share stories about our recipes, talk in-depth about our ingredient sourcing, and even provide some tips for using spices in your home kitchen. Today, I’m going to share the details of our brand new, exciting menu.

I’d like to welcome you into the Spyce kitchen! The menu evolved over the last year and was developed in sync with our Infinite Kitchen. It really was a collaboration between chefs and engineers. 

Now, we’re not a new restaurant, so we have loyal guests who came to love certain bowls from our original menu. We heard your praise loud and clear and have woven some of the styles and flavors into our new recipes. For those who wanted more from our menu – lighter options, salads, and more personalization – we doubled down our efforts.

Our 6 Guiding Food Philosophy Principles

But before even thinking about recipes or specific menu items, we started by codifying our food philosophy. These 6 guiding principles became our North Star as we developed the new menu:

  1. We believe healthy and nutritious means different things at different times in people’s lives, so we’ve made our menu flexible to adjust to your dietary needs and preferences.
  2. We believe food tastes best when it’s freshly prepared. This starts in our from-scratch prep kitchen and finishes with our cook-to-order process in the Infinite Kitchen.
  3. The menu features mindfully sourced ingredients; focusing on lasting partnerships, sustainable practices and clean ingredients.
  4. Food is served up quickly, leveraging technology to build each bowl fresh, fast, and personalized to you.
  5. Spices weave their way through the menu, – rooting the food in culture, technique, and exploration.
  6. Spyce serves up globally inspired, seasonal salads and warm bowls for takeout, pick-up and delivery.

Applying Our Food Philosophy to the Kitchen!

With our approach to food defined, we started cooking! We had big ideas, and flavors we wanted to explore. We quickly drafted an outline that spanned the globe and incorporated our newly formed philosophies. The more we cooked and tasted, the more each dish took shape and emerged with its own identity and personality. This process highlighted how developing a finished dish requires building blocks: smaller recipes that when combined become the finished creation. Some building blocks are complex, like the spicy and layered flavors in our chili garlic sauce which starts with a traditional kombu/dashi broth. Some building blocks appear simple, like plancha-seared broccolini seasoned with only olive oil, salt and pepper.

We spent countless hours on even these simple recipes. For example, we debated how to cut and cook broccolini. We started by simply trimming the ends off the stems, tossing with oil, salt and pepper, and roasting in the oven. The recipe evolved into separating the stems from the flowery heads, chopping the stems into 1-inch pieces, blanching those pieces, and combining them with the raw heads before loading the combined product into the Infinite Kitchen for a final plancha sear. Broccolini is only one component of many in a dish but by getting hyper-detailed for each, the end result is awesome. 

As the menu began to take shape we honed in on 2 key things. We got serious about salads and dedicated half the menu to this category and then we created a dynamic menu. It enables us to truly personalize orders to your preferences based on the information you share about how you eat.

A Dynamic Menu Validated by Our Guests

We wanted our food to speak to our guests the way it spoke to us as we developed it. It was only fitting that our next action step was to call on our most loyal followers from the past, those who knew our original food so well. We also recruited new faces, those completely unfamiliar to Spyce.  

Over the course of several months, we conducted over 20 focus groups, and we learned so much. We validated our belief that our guests crave customization. They also have varying degrees of spice tolerance. We learned that they care deeply about dietary preferences and allergy restrictions. Most of all, we learned how much we cared about satisfying their needs. We read, analyzed, and discussed all feedback – the good, the bad, and the this-didn’t-taste-so-good. We edited, re-worked, and reimagined recipes and ingredients. Sometimes we made simple adjustments, like reducing the amount of acid in a dressing. Sometimes we sourced entirely new ingredients. Occasionally we started from scratch. 

We consulted a registered dietician to help us better understand the many dietary preferences we wanted to accommodate and how we could swap ingredients to meet specific constraints all while maximizing flavor. We even followed some of these diets for several weeks to live and breathe their effects. Wow, Whole30© and Keto can be intimidating at first, but following them with our menu was much easier than out in the wild. I’m down 14 lbs btw. 

A Menu Curated to Perfection

Our final menu, the one before you today, has our blood, sweat and tears poured into it. We’re forever indebted to our guests, like you, for sharing your opinions, feedback, and love with us. This curated selection of 10 menu items has some killer combinations, like the Hullabaloo salad with its tangy Tandori ranch and marinated carrot and raisins, or the staff favorite Big Biang, which features fresh ramen noodles in a layered and spicy chili garlic sauce. 

I guarantee you’ll love them as-is, but we all like to customize, so here are a few pro-tips:

  • Add a scoop of quinoa to your Golden Greek
  • Order the Umami Q with the Gochujang Tofu 
  • Try adding our Almond Dukkah to your Bungalow 

Now grab a fork and dig in!

-Chef Jeff Tenner, VP Food & Beverage

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