Who we are – Spyce

Who we are

We’re at the intersection of technology and hospitality, making accessible, tasty and nutritious meals.

The Brains

“We were four really hungry MIT students and water polo teammates tired of spending $10 on take-out lunches and dinners. Our athletic appetites required better nutrition but our student budgets didn’t allow for that kind of expense. While we ate our bland chopped salads and stir-frys, we dreamed of an alternative: a robot that cooked tasty and nutritious meals, served them, and cleaned up after.

We were all robotics-obsessed engineers, so we quit yapping and built one in our fraternity basement. Two years and many burns, bruises, and brussels sprouts later, we’re opening our first restaurant and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, Luke Schlueter, and Brady Knight, “The spyce boys”

The Culinary

“When Michael and his three classmates emailed me about a robotic kitchen that could elevate fast food, I was impressed. Not only had they guessed my email address correctly, the video of their cutting edge technology was unlike anything I’d seen before. The experience of the robotic kitchen, the food and the vision of the Spyce team far exceeded my expectations. Their passion and innovation needed a strong commitment to ingredients and excellent recipes.

So, in addition to becoming an investor, I accepted the position of Culinary Director at Spyce.”

Daniel Boulud, Culinary Director

See you there.